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Lavender Lemonade


Fresh lemon scent finished with a light warm lavender.  Take a deep breath to refresh and relax with our signature scent.

But First, Coffee


Take a moment as you breathe in a bold fresh cup of coffee, mixed graciously with hints of vanilla and hazelnut.  The deep notes of coffee will you a sense of revitalization at any point in the day.

Wash. Dry. Fold


The scent of freshly folded laundry on a Saturday morning.  This candle is a mixture of bergamot, lemon and honey notes infused together for an incredibly light and fresh experience.

Eternally Grapefruit


Bold tangy grapefruit fragrance infused with garden fresh mint adds a depth to a unique spring fragrance.  

Wooden Steeple


A complex candle with an earthy, woodsy and surprising spice.  It starts with the smell of a pine from cutting down a spruce tree, mixed in with earthy rosemary.  Its finished with a splash of ginger and sandalwood that makes for a truly unique fragrance.

Pineapple Sage


Sweet pineapple scent blended with the unexpected aromatic sage.  This candle is perfect blend of sweet and earthy that is perfect for any home.

Pink Blossom


This candle starts with a fresh sweet magnolia blossom flower blended with a bold jasmine and light sandalwood undertone.  It is a naturally sweet and bold fragrance that will bring a new sophistication to any home.

Vanilla Staycation


Home at last, relax and breathe in the sweet scent of vanilla bean infused with hints of delicious hazelnut and coconut.  This delightful blend will warm the senses and help you unwind from the chaos of the day.

The Mint to My Mojito


Cool and fresh, our "The Mint to our Mojito" candle is a true version of the traditional mojito cocktail.  Infused with mint, lime and sweet jasmine, this candle is the perfect addition to your happy hour.